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I trade as Martin Jones Financial (MJF), Martin Jones Wealth Monitoring/Management (MJWM) and Will You Won’t You Wills. I call my self a “Financial Commentator” as I only offer comments and do not advise what anyone should ever do as most people I find usually know what they want to achieve but perhaps don’t necessarily know how to achieve their aims or need someone totally independent to tell them they are “barking mad” or that what they are planing to do is a good idea or to point out something they or their other advisors may have overlooked.

I am happy to work with a client’s existing accountant, financial advisor, wealth manager, estate agent or solicitor etc however unfortunately most of these “traditional” professionals often seem me as a threat when I point out areas they choose to avoid or do not know about (or should also be considering but choose not to) or when I query the cost or quality of their services.

I do not employ anyone not even a secretary so the “buck” always stops with me! I do however employ/hire in “specialists” from time to time to help me out with topics that are new to me, require specialist knowledge or require some form of “regulated activity”. As of April 2018 I had direct control of over approximately £36m worth of client’s assets (roughly 1/3 being equity & cash investments the rest being property assets of one form or another). In addition I also help managed other assets of a similar value which included several penthouse apartments, a helicopter and a small factory. I have a very diverse range of clients ranging from little old ladies, a couple of barristers and minor Arab royalty. This gives me a unique insight into the workings of the legal, accountancy and financial services spheres. What I try and do is use what works and more importantly avoid what does not work for one client for the benefit of all my clients.

How am I remunerated? I either charge for one off pieces of work such as drafting Wills / Contracts, Administering Probate, attending meetings etc. My preferred method however is by being paid a “retainer”. My retainer fee structure is very simple, for some one (or a family) with an asset base of up to £1m, I charge £1 / day. For some one (or a family) with an asset base of over £1m, I charge £60 / month By family I mean a clients immediate relatives i.e. sons and daughters & parents. My retainer fee covers any issues to do with a client or their families money or assets for the vast majority of my clients this simply means monitoring their assets, suggesting when to take profits, notifying them of changes to legislation concerning their assets etc and being available as a sounding board for any matters to do with money. Should a client or any member of their immediate family then require something doing that is not covered by my retainer fee then that piece of work would be subject to a separate charge. In the event that I introduce a client to another party eg a Solicitor or Accountant with a specialist skill, product or service I am not able to offer and I am remunerated for the introduction I always let the client know how much and why I am being remunerated. Often it works out that I am in a position to help someone / acompany get a particular piece of information across, be in a position to say something a “regulated” professional can not or to be able to mediate between a client and another party.

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